The content of the Compliance Management and Audit Configurator (CMAC) has been prepared on the basis of the provisions of the various Corporate Laws, Industry & Sector Specific Laws, General Laws, Rules, Regulations, Orders etc. The checklists have been developed on the basis of the understanding and interpretation of relevant Laws, Rules, and Regulations etc. by the service provider.

The Service provider has made reasonable efforts in the development of various Checklists and neither the ICSI nor the service provider or any of the employees of the ICSI & service provider make any claim, express/ implied or assume any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of such content.

The members are advised to exercise professional judgement in their assignment. Further the Sector Specific Laws/ Rules/ Regulations/ Guidelines/ Orders/ Amendments/ Standards/Policies and the checklists thereto may vary on the basis of states, industry, nature of entity, nature of office etc. Under no circumstances whatsoever, the ICSI / service provider shall be responsible for any loss, claim, liability, damage(s) resulting from the use, omission or inability to use the information provided in the said CMAC.